Solidus Global – the premium referral company – provides global options for people to participate in lucrative opportunities. Traditionally these opportunities have been available only to large organizations and institutions.

Think of this exciting new approach like a TV Shopping Channel but online, Walmart’s, but without the stores, combined with Groupon deals without the coupons. It’s like belonging to a new kind of shopping site that provides unique products only for you!

Our Beliefs​

Our business is to benefit all our customers and merchants (not just the few)

We make good choices to build an ethical business and drive sustainable growth

We work as a team – globally across cultures and time zones

We listen to everyone’s ideas to stay innovative and flexible

We believe the right information is key, we answer you quickly and directly

Our business is created for people to help people - a unique path to personal success

We talk straight while staying polite and professional

We believe to succeed we must have respect, provide value and stay honest

We want to be a COMPANY of WOW, delivering exceptional customer experience

About your Founder and CEO - Chris Principe

Chris Principe is the Founder and CEO of Solidus Global. He has personally developed the patent pending Referral Management System that powers Solidus Global. The RMS has been reviewed and approved by a group of international attorneys to be legally compliant globally. Chris has worked internationally as a consultant, exporter, importer, banker, trainer and financial solutions provider for over 25 years. As a futurist, his interest and goals are to provide people with alternative financial power based on the unique referral business model of Solidus Global. He has perfected a legal structure which is built to provide a long-term business opportunity. Since 2013 he has been interested in the use of cryptocurrencies as a reserve currency for global trade powered by blockchain technology. Chris is the publisher of FinFuture magazine and Financial IT magazine He is the official Trade Finance Certificate Instructor for FIBA and Florida International University. Chris is an invited keynote speaker at many international banking and fintech conferences and he has authored over 50 articles. In the state of Florida, Chris is a Notary Public and an RIA, Registered Investment Advisor.

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Do you have a great product or service?

Looking for a cost-effective way of reaching local and global customers?

Then let us know, at Solidus Global we are always on the lookout for new, unique and exciting products. We are interested to hear from your company, about your physical merchandise, virtual product or service. Come, join us and have global access to our membership of verified KYC clients already equipped with an eWallet and credit card.

The Solidus Referral Management System is a great opportunity to grow without sales or client acquisition cost. Bring the value of your company to a willing buying base.

Reach out, grow your business and contact us now.

Want exclusive deals of new and unique products?

Then join the referral marketplace at Solidus Global. You will see deals, products and prices that are not available anywhere else. Get access to a global range of unique referral opportunities.

Think of us like being a member of a big warehouse store. Like a Costco or Sam’s Club without the stores combined with Groupon deals without the coupons.

Join, go to the marketplace and buy what you want, when you want and if you want.

The Solidus Global Marketplace is where you will find referral deals that are exclusive to our Global Customers and Independent Business Associates. Solidus Global is harnessing the power of people coming together to negotiate exclusive deals with our merchant partners. Find special pricing, unique products and an easy experience buying directly from our merchant’s through one simple website the Solidus Marketplace. Bigger we grow – Bigger the discounts – More exclusive the DEALS.


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We know it may look tricky from time to time.

We will help you!

We invite you to take a journey with us!

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Together we are strong!
Two helping two together!
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