Crypto-Crypt or Gold Mine?

As you probably remember, Bitcoin was the big news headlines and the dinner table talk of a year ago. As crypto-currencies soared in value, it was rightly the dominant topic of conversation. Crypto-currencies had advanced in value quite dramatically through the second half of 2017. Bitcoin increased from $1,000 each, to almost $20,000.​

This created huge paper profits for buyers who were excited by the continued rise in value. This buying frenzy…click the link to read more​

1,266 tons of Swiss gold move to Asia

Despite the opening of a number of new gold refineries in the Middle East and Asia over the past few years, the small European country of Switzerland retains its traditional place as the principal conduit for the movement of gold from West to East. Swiss refineries concentrate on taking in larger gold bars… click the link to read more​

What is Solidus Global?

Solidus Global is the premium referral company providing lucrative opportunities. This is an exciting new approach similar to TV Shopping except online. Join, try a referral, if you like it tell a friend. 

What is Solidus Coin?

Solidus Global has no Coin. Our company is not a crypto, ICO, Token, etc. based business. The premium referrals are provided to you directly by our marketplace Merchants. Making our model legal and safe.

Solidus Marketplace is?​

The Magic of Solidus Global is our Referral Marketplace. Based on our patented Referral Management System. The RMS platform makes it easy for our  Merchants to offer amazing deals  that are only available here.​

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