The Spatial Effect Generator

A new and clean solution for the world’s energy problems…

Fernando D. Morris

Oil has been a primary source of energy for the world for over 100 years now. The discovery of large-scale reserves coincided with the development of technology for extraction and massive growth in demand thanks to industrial development in the United States and Europe.

In the second decade of the 21st Century, there is a general consensus that the world’s energy needs can no longer be sustained by the decreasing oil reserves. There is widespread concern about resource depletion and environmental degradation that are common to other means of generating electrical power. In the meantime, growing industrial development in China and other parts of Asia are contributing to a rise in demand.

To date, clean/alternative energy sources such as wind power and solar power have been widely accepted. However, in terms of cost and 24/7 reliability, they have yet to reach a point where they are truly competitive with coal or oil.

Enter the Spatial Effect Generator…

Meanwhile, there is growing awareness of the potential of the Searl or Spatial Effect Generator (SEG). This appears to be a world class solution to the world’s energy problems. It can deliver what is needed without compromising the environment and without the cost of fossil fuel. It can do so more economically than a conventional generator of the same power rating.

The SEG is a revolutionary open energy system. It is designed to work in accordance with the laws of thermodynamics by a process of energy conversion at the quantum level.

The inventor of the SEG system, the late Professor John R.R. Searl, and Fernando D. Morris have actively worked together the last decade at SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM). The core operations are located in California, where we are currently investigating the technical merits of SEG concept, developing proof-of-concept demo units and corroborating the science and engineering principles involved in its design and functions.

With the passing of Prof. John R.R. Searl in December 2018 the continued development is driven by Fernando D. Morris. Mr. Morris, the CEO of SEGM is the foremost authority on the SEG and has refined the concept, designs and theories of Prof. Searle into a working generator of power ready for the market.

The SEG is a revolutionary energy conversion system which takes advantage of the pattern magnetization of permanent magnetic materials. Its technology, in magnetic field control, is ready for manufacturing of 15kW versions of the SEG. The electrical forces are generated by frequency programming of one of four layered materials. The materials include: a rare earth element, a dielectric element, a permanent magnetic element and OFHC copper. This produces a new type of magnetic component. SEG works directly within the known laws of thermodynamics by process of energy conversion previously unknown at the quantum level.

SEG Magnetics, Inc. (SEGM) Labs will specialize in magnetically programming the SEG magnetic layer. That trade secret is kept deep in the SEGM vaults. The SEGM R&D project has begun manufacturing 15kW versions of the SEG. SEGM is also looking at marketing opportunities for standalone or off-the-grid electrical generators. The 15kW SEG will be the initial commercial product. This is a modest sized production plant, but it will be a model and showcase for future mass production plants of far larger capacity.

Power for off-the-grid communities or dedicated industrial equipment will most likely be the first working application for the user and proof of value examples on a large scale. The savings in power consumption costs over landline delivered electricity is estimated to be 30% in any case.

The classic SEG configuration consists of three set of rings and rollers as depicted: the smallest size unit is the 3kW version. However, the focus of the R&D project has been the development of the innermost set of rings/rollers, with its peak output of 3kW. The unit can be scaled up in the future in size and output power. The 3kW innermost ring is a part of the classic 15kW version – and proves the efficiency of the SEG.

SEGM has gained practical experience on the first stage and has determined it is more practical to array five 3kW units to produce 15kW of power. The 3kW model unit can meet any power requirement when configured in tandem, and it will be the first SEG model for production and implementation.

The 15-kilowatt SEG at a glance:

  • The SEG Stator Ring is made of four material layers and fixed to the base.

  • 12 Rollers are free to orbit around the Stator Ring. Each Roller consist of eight segments, and each segment consists of four materials layers same as the Stator Ring.

  • There are 12 electromagnets to match the number of Rollers. These are designed to extract electrical power by magnetic induction from the moving Rollers.

  • There is a conventional Power Inverter to convert the rectified DC power of the electromagnets into standard levels of AC voltage, current, and frequency for domestic and commercial applications.

  • Built into the SEG base or housing, there is a basic control and monitoring display. This has remote monitoring capabilities via the internet or control center.

The SEG Electrons service allows subscribers to lock in their electricity costs for five years, delivering predictable costs and significant savings greater than those available from any alternative.

SEG is deployed to the customer site to produce clean, reliable, affordable power on a 24/7/365 basis. SEGM manages and maintains the systems: the user only pays for the electricity used.

Benefits of SEG to customers

  • Save money on electricity

  • Lower energy costs immediately

  • Maintain predictable energy costs over a five-year period

  • Reduces carbon footprint, with no CO2 emissions.

  • Noiseless power generation

  • Reduces energy supplies risk

  • Simply replaces the utility expense with the SEG Electrons service charge

  • No capital risk – electricity, not equipment, is all that is paid for

  • No technology risk – consumed energy is all that is paid for

  • Uninterruptible power option for critical load period.

  • Remote monitoring possible

  • SEG Magnetics, Inc. is responsible for all service and maintenance

SEG Magnetics, Inc. is the leader in SEG Research and Development. Fernando D. Morris is the company’s CEO and is the foremost expert on the SEG technology. SEGM is based in San Diego County, California, with a mission to make clean, reliable energy affordable for everyone in the world.